Daycare Pricing
Overnight Boarding Pricing

We have several daycare pricing options. Our most popular option is packages. All of our daycare packages expire one full year after the purchase date and the days do not need to be used consecutively. 

Our packages are :

30 days - $480 ($16/day)

20 days - $400 ($20/day) 

10 days - $240 ($24/day)

5 days - $135 ($27/day) 

We also have weekly rates for clients that do not want to buy a larger package. To get on the weekly rate plan we keep a credit card on file and charge every Friday based on the number of days of daycare your dog attended that week.  We call this the Charge on Friday Plan.

Charge on Friday Pricing:

1 days/ week: $27/ day

2 days/ week: $25/ day

3 days/ week: $22/ day

4 days/ week: $18/ day

5-6 days/ week: $16/ day 

Between the weekly rates and the packages the 30 day package is our most popular option. You get the best pricing and don’t have to worry about how many days a week you come in.

There is always the option to pay each day you come in as well. To pay for a single daycare day it is $27 for a full day.

For half day pricing take $5 off the full day pricing! Half days are less than 4.75 hours on site. 

The daycare pricing can be a bit confusing - so if you have any questions please ask! 

Taxi Pricing

Taxi Pricing is Based on distance:

0-.5 miles - $6

.5-1 miles - $8

1-1.5 miles - $10

1.5-2 miles - $15

2-2.5 miles - $20

2.5-3 miles - $25


Additional Charges - 

Concierge key pick up - $5/ taxi 

Far away parking or must enter through lobby (if apartment is far from lobby) $5/ taxi 

*all taxis must be booked in advance in writing*

Our overnight boarding price is $37/night if they come with their food prepped / pre-bagged in individual meal bags and $40/ night if we have to bag their food for you or feed our house food! Boarding includes all day daycare at no additional cost and daycare on pick up day and drop off day is included. For example boarding from Friday morning to Sunday evening would be $74 with food prepped. Overnight boarders stay in large rooms with beds and blankets provided. They can stay alone or with a roommate but we try to make sure everyone who would enjoy a roommate has a roommate to decrease anxiety! 

Bath Pricing

Short hair baths are $25 if under 60 pounds and $35 over 60 pounds

Long hair baths are : $25 under 30 pounds 

$30 for 30 pounds - 45 pounds

$35 for 46 pounds - 60 pounds

$40 for 61 pounds - 75 pounds

$45 for 75 pounds and up

* Price increases for de-matting at $1 per minute of brushing time. 

Other Spa Services

Nail Trim w/ bath - $5

Nail Trim w/o bath - $10

Furminate / De-shedding (15 minutes) - $10*

Brush out (15 minutes doodle / curly hair) - $10*

*can add on time at $1/ minute after first 15 minutes*

Anal Glands - $10 ~ should be done with bath to avoid possible odor

Sanitary Trim - $15 

Teeth Brushing - $10

Spaw treatment (anal glands + Nail Trim + Teeth+brushout+Sanitary trim) - $25